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There is only one correct way to pronounce Porsche and that is pour-sha, but some of us english speakers pronounce it wrong, so to my fellow Americans visiting the site, let your friends know the proper pronunciation so we can get this thing cleared up. Porsche is a german car manufacturer founded by the engineer who first created Volkswagen. In 1931 Ferdinand Porsche launched the company and it remains located in Zuffenhausen, a city of Stuttgart. Since the recent production of the Cayenne there is a new plant specifically created for the Cayenne's production, located in Leipzing, Saxony where today nearly half of all Porsches are produced. Also, the majority of Porsche's Boxter production is out-sourced over to Valmet Automotive, located in Finland.

Porsche has acquired a reputation for producing vehicles that despite their extreme performance are a highly reliable car suitable for every-day driving. Some say that although the cars are of high quality and strong durability that the designs have less visual excitement than some of their competitors, but Tom and I strongly disagree with that statement. I believe Porsches are one of the sexiest cars in existence and although they may have a few less curves than some Ferraris it is because they came up with a design that doesn't need any more curves to look just as good.

Porsche has offered consultancy services for many years to well known car manufacturers such as Seat, Daewoo, Subaru and Studebaker to help improve the engineering of their own manufactured cars.

The Porsche 64 of 1938 was the first Porsche ever created and it ironically used many components from the Volkswagen Beetle. The second Porsche created, known as the 356 was initially built in Austria where the company had been moved to during war times, but after the 49th car they built they moved back to Zuffenhausen. Ferdinand Porsche worked with son Ferry Porsche in designing the 356 but he died after the first 356 prototype was built. The 356 also used many Beetle parts including its engine, gearbox, and suspension, but soon those parts were replaced by Porsche-made parts leaving the latest 356's with no Volkswagen parts whatsoever. Porsche's appealing style was design by Erwin Komenda who just happened to also design the Volkswagen Beetle in 1963. After powerful success in motor racing the company created it's first Porsche 911 which was another rear engine sports car but this time it had a 6 cylinder 'boxer' engine. The 911 which is still in production has become Porsche's most well known of vehicle today and I wouldn't be far off if I said that the 911 has defined Porsche more than any other single car they produce.

In 1969 Porsche and Volkswagen collaborated producing the VW-Porsche 914. They also came together in 1976 to create the Porsche 924 which actually used many Audi components and happened to be built in an Audi Factory. Finally in 2002 they collaborated once more to produce the Cayenne SUV which shares engineering with the VQ Touareg. In 2003 Ferdinand Porsche's grandson Ferdinand Piech was the main shareholder of Porsche AG and also the CEO of the Volkswagen group, and Bernd Pischetsrieder is the current CEO of Porsche.

Porsche remains one of the most successful motor-racing teams of all time in many branches, scoring a total of more than 24,000 victories. They've done especially well in the Le Mans 24 Hours (16 time winner) and in Formula One which they've supplied TAG-labelled engines for McLaren, and on the Paris-Daker rally they've also done especially well.



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