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The car manufacturer known as the Ford Motor Company was founded in Highland Park, Michigan on June 16th, of 1909 by Henry Ford and a handful of other instors together accumulating $28,000. From references I've come across, apparently there is a slang term for Ford known as "FoMoCo" which I personally find fairly humorous. henry fordContrary to popular belief, Ford didn't actually invent the assembly line. While cars had been built for years and years before Ford Motor Company, a man by the name of Eli Whitney invented an assembly line before them. However, his version of the assembly line was made of interchangeable parts, and did not function as a moving assembly line. Henry Ford modified this innovative idea and came up with his own, the moving assembly line.

The new assembly line invention made it possible for car and automotive parts to be assembled at a much higher rate, while drastically producing these vehicles. It was Ford's intention to make cars affordable to all citizens of the United States and later he achieved this goal. Ford released it's Model T in 1908 and originally built their first vehicle at the Highland Park Ford Plant. Soon they were forced to move to plant that could develop more vehicles, and by 1913 they had built the very first moving assembly line in the world, conveying them into the realms of mass production. On December 1st of that year they introduced their full accumulation of techniques to spawn a fully functional moving automobile assembling line. This reduced the time of chasis assembly from 12.5 hours(October) to 2 hours and 40 minutes.

By the end of 1913 Ford was producing more than 50% of the cars in the United Stats. However the innovations he had developed were not popular on the employee's side because of the monotonous work. Splashing to the rescue, on January 5th, 1914 he doubled their pay up to $5.00 per hour. He also cut shifts from 9am to 8pm, these moves made him very unpopular with the rivaling competition. Accordingly, by 1918 half of the cars in the country were Model T's. He was quoted talking about the Model T saying: "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black." This had developed because although the early models(OBVIOUSLY EXTREMELY RARE) had a variety of colors they noticed black dried the quickest, so that's what they stuck with.

Edsel Ford succeeded his father on January 1st, 1919 while his father Henry continued supervising helping with loose ends. In the 1920's the Ford Motor Company lost market share because of the rise of consumer credit. Ford still offered minimal options(keeping cost low) compared to other companies such as GM who had more expensive cars but also more options such as colors, standard and upgraded features. With buyer credit customers were able to buy these more expensive cars over stretched out periods of time and pay via incremental payments. While other companies followed suit, Ford still resisted stating that such credit would hurt the consumer and the economy. Finally on December 2, 1927 after their marketing share continued to loosen they gave into the consumer credit trend, meanwhile launching the redesigned Model A and retiring the Model T.

Two years after the Great Depression had started, August 1, 1931 Ford had to close the Model A assembly line. This cut over 60,000 jobs and proceeding this event there were unemployed work "marches" / riots, that actually killed five workers, trampling them alive. By 1933 only eight of 35 US Ford plants were still in use.

When WWII struck, the Ford plants in Germany and Vichy France, Fordwerke actually produced many of the cars and trucks used by the Nazis. Apparently the goal to provide the cheapest automobile vehicle to Americans was also extended towards the Nazis. There was even forced labor involving the production of tanks for the Nazis, which Ford claims zero responsibility for, stating that by then they had lost control of their German factories. Who knows.

- After World War II, in 1955, the Ford Motor Company became a publicly traded corporation, although the Ford family still maintains a marginal controlling interest in the company.
- Today Ford also manufactures automobiles under the medium car class name of Mercury, and the higher class name of Lincoln.
- Ford holds large production facilities in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Australia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa, India, and several other countries.
- Recently Ford has acquired Jaguar, Volvo, Aston Martin, and Land Rover as well as a controlling share of Mazda.
- Originally Fords sold in countries other than the U.S. were basically the same vehicles as U.S. models, but today foreign Fords have extreme variances.



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