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Ferrari is an Italian automotive production company specializing originally in race car production and later producing some of the most amazing high-performance sports cars known to us today. In 1929 Enzo Ferrari established sponsorships with professional racecar drivers, and started manufacturing racecars as well. He formed a company he called Scuderia Ferrari. After producing a decent ammount of successful racecars Scuderia Ferrari went into car production independantly in 1946 and eventually became Ferrari.

Today Ferrari is owned by the son of Enzo, Piero Ferrari in conjunction with the Fiat company. Their company is located in Maranello, Italy which is coincidentally right next to Modena, Italy which many car enthusiests will know to be the model name of one of their performance cars currently in production.

Scuderia Ferrari equipped it's drivers with Alfa Romeo cars and successfully raced it's well prepared drivers until 1938 when Enzo was officially hired by Alfa as the manager of their racing department. Enzo never had any intention whatsoever in producing street-legal sports cars but one event led to another and in 1947 Ferrari produced it's first road car. While working for Alfa, it became apparent to Enzo that their company planned to steal all his hard work and take control of Scuderia's racing efforts. So he quit, and since he was still prohibited by a contract he signed from racing for several years Scuderia became Auto Avio Costuzioni Ferrari. His "new" company produced aircraft accessories and machine tools. They also produced a single racecar, the Tipo 815 becoming the first actual Ferrari car. This was during WWII and there was no competition so in 1943 the Ferrari factory packed up and moved to Maranello, where it still remains today. In 1944 it was bombed and in 1946 it was rebuilt to accomadate the production of street legal road cars.

In 1947 Ferrari produced it's first road car, the 125 S. It was powered by a 1.5 litre V-12 engine and the cars quickly gained a reputation of excellence. Enzo acquired a famous distate for his customers because he felt that most of them were buying his cars for their beauty and prestige rather than for their performance.

"Scuderia Ferrari" actually translates to "Ferrari Stable", hence the horse emblem.

The typical Ferrari has a mid-engine configuration that is a small V-8 or V-12, and until the 1980's upon the introduction of fuel injection they were actually an arguably unreliable car. Their noted unreliability had been written off by enthusiasts as "character" and they never had any trouble selling a vehicle. Todays Ferrari's(F40, F50, 360 Modena, etc.) are not only extremely reliable, but they remain some of the highest performing exotic sports cars in existance.




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