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Vipers are definitely the most powerful production car ever made by Dodge, especially recently with the Viper Venom productions created by John Hennessy which sells 650+ BHP Vipers for just a little more than double the Dodge list price. The car was developed as a modern AC Cobra and holds a decent amount of muscle car heritage in it's distinctive, sleek styling. The basic shape was shown as a concept car in early 1989 and tested as a prototype in December 1989. First sales of the car were offered in January 1992 as the RT/10 Roadster and the coupe model, the GTS followed soon after. What really makes this car a muscle car is it's FR layout with a front-mounted engine and rear wheel drive the Dodge Viper defies typical setups of pretty much every other recent high performance sports car and does a great job.

After six years of production around 10,000 Vipers were sold. They're sold in Europe as Chryslers but since 2004 they're actually sold now as Dodges in Germany.

The Viper had a model change in 2003, done by Chrysler's Performance Vehicle Operations(PVO) team. The new SRT-10 (Sport Racing Technology - Chrysler's new name for its own high powered sports cars) has been heavily restyled, which I'm not sure I especially like as much as the original but since the engine has been enlarged to an 8.3 litre, at 500BHP there's not much room to complain. The model is only available as a convertible, and there's also a special Competition Coupe that is by no means street-legal. The new GTS coupe versions were introduced in 2005.



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