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We've all seen the fascinating beauty of exotic sport and muscle cars but here we present to you the ugly. Below you will find thumb-nailed pictures to numerous car crashes of devastating proportions. The photos below are real, and it's possible some of the car accidents may have proven fatal.
This Porsche 911 needs a band aid...

Porsche 911 Crash Pic

Porsche 911 Car Crash Picture
A Corvette with a fat lip...

Corvette Crash Pic

Corvette Car Crash Picture
2003 Porsche 911 meets pole...

Porsche 911 Crash Pic

Porsche 911 Car Crash Picture
BMW X3 confronts flood...

BMW X3 Crash Pic

BMW X3 Car Crash Picture
Unhappy Ferrari Marenello...

Ferrari Marenello Crash Pic

Ferrari Marenello Car Crash Picture
Don't let people borrow your car.

Lamborghini Diablo Crash Piic

Lamborghini Diablo SE Crash Picture
BMW splits Mercedes in half!

BMW & Mercedes Crash Pic

BMW & Mercedes Crash Pictures
Nissan Skyline wrapped around tree.

Nissan Skyline Crash Pic

Nissan Skyline Car Crash Picture
Apparently lamborghini's are susceptible to water.
Is the passenger still inside?
75 Car Pile-up
Uhm, Hurricane? Tornado?



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