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The Car Bungalow Team and I have been working on lists of our favorite exotic cars. We thought that not only would our car fan visitors like to know what our favorites are but that since you all probably know what these cars are already we figured you would also like to know why they are our favorite cars. So here are my favorite cars of all time, and I've included my reasoning behind each one as well. Enjoy!

Hands down my favorite car of all time. The Bugatti Veyron has it all beauty, speed, class, curves and when they first built it, it went so fast that it would become unstable at 220+ mph and start to fall apart! How cool is that? Car Bungalow to the max!

Bugatti Veyron - Abe's Favorite Car

Bugatti Veyron Photos
Bugatti History

The Ferrari Enzo. Artwork at it's finest. The Enzo was created after "Enzo Ferrari", the founder of Ferrari as we know it had already passed away. It was created in dedication to him, and I've got to say, the Ferrari team sure didn't sell themselves short.

Ferrari Enzo - Abe's Favorite Cars

Ferrari Enzo Photos
Ferrari History
Then there's the Dodge Viper Venom Hennessy 800hp. This beast goes from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. Modified extensively by John Hennessy, this car will slalom better than a Porsche and beat a Ferrari off the line. There's a Venom 1000hp now!

Viper Venom 800 - Abe's Favorite Cars

Dodge Viper Venom 800 Photos
Dodge Viper History
To me, the Mazda RX-7 is as exotic as it gets for under $30k. One of the few cars with a rotary engine, this baby can deliver a hell of a punch. I've always been a huge fan of this car. Although it's not in production anymore, I can't wait to own one.

Mazda RX 7 - Abe's Favorite Cars

Mazda RX 7 Photos
Mazda History

The Lamborghini Diablo SVR has got to be the sleekest car I've ever seen. Lamborghini really knows how to make a car look like it's about ready to skip off into warp mode. I think this is one of there best examples of just that. Really though, all of the Diablos are amazing.

Lamborghini Diablo SVR - Abe's Favorite Cars

Lamborghini Diablo SVR Photos
Lamborghini History

The original Hummer. One of the few things that a branch of our government actually did right (just kidding, they actually paid AM General). Unlike General Motors' versions of the Hummer (H2, H3, H3T) the H1 actually gets alright gas mileage, it's a diesel beast!

Hummer H1 - Abe's Favorite Cars

Hummer H1 Photos
Hummer History

Look, it's the car on the top of our website! Yes it's true, I couldn't resist adding another diablo to my favorites. The Lamborghini Diablo GT is so hot in orange that we couldn't resist but to base our entire site design around it. Our entire color scheme is based on this ride!

Lamborghini Diablo GT - Abe's Favorite Cars

Lamborghini Diablo GT Photos
Lamborghini History

This German version of the Porsche 911 GT1 is possibly the most astounding race car I've ever seen. If only it was street legal! I mostly like the wickid looking fins it has instead of the typical Porsche bumper. The rear view mirrors are sweet looking too.

Porsche 911 GT1 - Abe's Favorite Cars

Porsche 911 GT1 Photos
Porsche History

The Corvette Stingray C3 . A classic car with a futuristic style that came out well ahead of it's time. The design has held out for nearly 50 years, and it's still holding strong. Today the 2006 Corvette is directly competive with Porcshe and Dodge Vipers.

Corvette C3 - Abe's Favorite Cars

Corvette Stingray C3 Photos
Corvette History
Chevrolet History

The Corvette C2 . In my opinion this is one of the coolest looking cars ever created. It's so stealth looking, with a hint of evil this car is a total bad @ss. Yet another car design well ahead of it's time. If you look at it closely you can see it's resemblance to modern Porsche vehicles.

Corvette C2 - Abe's Favorite Cars

Corvette C2 Photos
Corvette History
Chevrolet History



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